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How does your subscription service work?

You can sign up online to our subscription service and receive a product of your choice. You will get a certain amount off the product and this will be the best deal we offer. You can change the scent at any point and cancel at any point. We offer complete flexibility! 

I'm sending my order as a gift, can I add a handwritten note?

Absolutely! Just let us know what you would like to handwritten note to say and we will include it in your order.

How long does delivery take? 

Standard UK Delivery takes 3-5 Working Days. There is an option for express delivery if you are looking to get your order sooner, this will take 1-2 days. 


Wax Melt Care

How long does a soy wax melt last?

Anywhere from 6-12 hours. Depending on how frequently you burn them. 

How many wax melts do I get?

You get 16 wax melts in a box and 3 wax melts in a sample box 

How strong are the scents?

It can vary! Some scents are stronger than others. Our fresh linen wax melts, rose and rhubarb wax melts are examples of stronger ones and sandalwood spa wax melts and tonka and myrrh wax melts are more subtle. 

How do I get the most out of my plastic-free wax melts

If you cut the wax melt in half they will last longer. Also only burn the wax melt when you are in the room to get the full effect and generally burn them for 2-3 hours at a time. 

How do I clean my oil burner/wax melter? 

It's fairly easy to do, as we use softer waxes it shouldn't take you longer than 3 minutes. You can read about how to clean your oil burner on our blog here

Are your products vegan?

Yes! All of our products are vegan and cruelty-free. 

Candle Care

How long do I need to burn my scented candle for when I first light it?

We recommend burning for 2-4 hours so that, the candle creates an even burn pool (this will prevent tunnelling). 

How often should I trim the wick?

You should trim the candle wick every time before you relight it. It's important we don't see any mushrooms! The larger the flame, the hotter the flame and your candle will not last as long. 

What can I use to trim my candle wick?

You're in luck! You can use our own, matte black wick trimmer for an even and more precise cut, get yours by clicking here 

 You can read more about candle care on our blog here.

If you still have any more questions please do get in touch, we're more than happy to help with any query you may here to pop us over a message.