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Reed Diffusers

Strong scent throw, long lasting and vegan friendly. Shop our luxury reed diffusers today with Free UK Delivery on all orders.

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Reed Diffusers - A Deep Dive

Simply put, a reed diffuser is a bottle of fragrance with reed sticks placed in the bottom. Not so simply put, the fragrance is drawn up through the reeds in a process called 'wicking', which is the drawing of a fluid through a material by means of capillary action. Reed diffusers are what we call the 'passive scent' in your home. We break home fragrances down into two categories, active and passive.

Passive scent is the scenting spaces within your home that don't need your ongoing supervision. As you shouldn't leave candles and wax melts unattended, they would be 'active'. Why is that important? You wouldn't light a candle in your downstairs toilet and leave it burning all day unattended. You could however, have a reed diffuser filling the space with a beautiful fragrance, ready for you when you enter the room.

Any time you need to scent a space that you dont generally relax and stay in for long periods of time. By that i mean the hallway, or the loo, for example. A Diffuser is perfect in all rooms, but there are certain times when ONLY a diffuser would be right.

A few key things to remember are: 1) Place it in an area that gets a bit of a through draft 2) keep it a safe distance from kids and pets 3) flip the reeds when you want a scent boost 4) if you want to extend the life of the diffuser, you may not need to go all out with the 10 reeds in a small downstairs loo, use 4 or 5 reeds, and increase as needed. fewer reeds means longer lasting (but decreased strength where it isnt needed)

Our 100ml reed diffusers last approx 2 months and our 200ml reed diffusers last approx 4 months. You can extend this time by adjusting the number of reeds in the bottle. those calculations are based on all the reeds being used. They are strong scented so in a small room such as a toilet, you may want to drop down to 5 reeds, this will naturally extend the life of the diffuser.