5 Ways To Clean Out Your Wax Warmer

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So, we have had quite a lot of you asking us ‘How do I clean out my oil burner so I can burn a new scent?’ this blog is for you my friend!

The Cotton Pad Dunker

The most efficient way of doing it, however the least eco-friendly.

So, what you want to do is grab a cotton pad from your bathroom cabinet (does anyone actually own a cabinet in there bathrooms anymore, These days it’s all about the shelves apparently) and making sure the wax is fully melted, you are going to pop the cotton pad in the wax and watch it slurp up the wax.

When you are sure all the wax is now in the cotton pad, simply throw it away. If you are traveling from the oil burner to a bin you may want an additional pad/kitchen tissue to avoid drippage.

The Fire Starter

You are going to want to heat up the wax for this one – only for a minute or two though! You essentially only want the base to be melted. This will allow you to slide the wax melt out of the dish with it still being solid in consistency. Be careful of drippage whilst doing this.

The Ice Queen

Ice tray at the ready! Simply pop an ice cube onto of the hardened wax and wait for about 2 minutes. Remove the ice cube and gently push one side of the hardened wax and it should pop right out! (TIP – If you are worried about the ice cube melting just put it in a zip lock bag first then place on wax. Jobs a gooden.)

Stick it in the Freezer

If you don’t want to deal with the faff of cleaning out the wax straight away this way may suit… all you are going to do (if it’s not an electric one) is place your burner in the freezer. All the moisture will go, and your wax will shrink, meaning you are able to push it out with little effort. There should be very little to no residue left.

Recycling Pro

Although you are loving the scent of your wax melt it’s becoming a bit samey. You are wanting a change and it seems a shame to waste what you have left … I have a solution for you! Everyone loves a good DIY jobbie, right? Why not try this method and create a brand-new product at home?


You will need the following:

  • Tealight tins (you can get these from Amazon or most online shops)
  • Tealight wick (Fosse Top Tip: You can skip these methods and get pre tabbed wicks which have a sticky tab on the bottom, so you won’t need to worry about propping the wick up.)

First things first… get melting that wax melt.

Now to prep the tin 😊 

  1. Place the tealight tin in front of you and lower the wick into the tin making sure it’s as central as you can get it.
  2. By this time, your wax should be completely melted. Carefully pour the liquid wax Into the tealight. (Be sure to be careful in this step!)

All that’s left to do is grab a cuppa and wait for it to set. 😊


You have your very own tealights a DIY and all without wasting your favourite wax melts.


  • Julie

    Hi everyone! I absolutely LOVE your wax melts…..the smells, the fact that they’re vegan and that Amy and Liam have 2 Schnauzers 🥰
    I was wondering if you were planning to sell vegan tea lights in the future? I currently buy mine on Amazon in bulk, but would much rather buy them from yourselves, along with my lovely melts!
    My daughter and daughter-in-law steal my melts when they come round, so I’ve learnt to buy extra now to compensate and we’re all wondering when you’ll be doing the gingerbread ones again? They are divine and our firm favourites!
    Keep up the excellent work, we all appreciate it!
    Ps…..hubby and I were in Warwickshire for the first time last week (Stratford Upon Avon) and what a beautiful part of the country it is – so much so, that we’re planning another few days there very soon!
    Lots of love, Julie X X X X

  • Carolyn

    Don’t throw away the grease proof paper from your empty box from the melts .
    Just scrunch it up and bury it in your underwear drawer . The scent lasts for around 4 weeks !!!! Gorgeous 😘

  • Liz Samuel

    Fab hints re cleaning out melt dishes & jars! I’ve kept all my pretty jars (& my pals’ ones too) & use them in zillions of pretty, & useful ways. I’ve loved cleaning them out!!!

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