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Why Our Car Air Fresheners/Diffusers Are The Best...

Why our car air fresheners/diffusers are the best...

Car Air Fresheners

Well, I'm biased but I believe that they actually are! Our car vent air fresheners/car diffusers make a wonderful addition to your car and will help make that commute just a little bit more bearable. A variety of fragrances to choose from, pick your favourite Fosse scent to enjoy on the go.

What are car diffusers/fresheners? 

Simply, they allow your car to smell beautiful for a prolonged period of time! They tend to be small, glass jars (or plastic boo) filled with a fabulous scent that once tipped up will slowly diffuser through the top and emit into the air, leaving a constantly fresh, clean feeling in your car. 

How to use our car air fresheners/diffusers? 

Unscrew the wooden top and carefully take off the stopper, then screw the top back on, tip up slightly to allow some of scent to diffuser through the top and the string.

Once you got all that out the way they're actually pretty simple to use, and there are a couple of ways in which you can place them in your vehicle. One being just hanging the car diffuser from your rearview mirror. We recommend once in a while giving the car diffuser a gentle shake so that the scent can diffuse through the string at the top.

Secondly, you can clip the car air freshener to your air vents, this generally helps to create a stronger fragrance as the heat from the vents will allow it be circulated throughout your car more effectively. Unscrew the wooden top and slot the clip over the glass, then pop the lid back on and attach to the vent.

Be sure to keep the bead towards the top. The higher the bead the more likely the stronger the scent will be, as it will have more string to diffuse up. The bead acts as a "stopper" and can prevent the scent from diffusing through the string. 

Car Air Fresheners

Why are our car diffusers the best?

I know you're thinking it, so lets answer the question that made you read this! I'm here to tell you why I think our natural car diffusers/air fresheners are the best...

  • Highly fragranced & long lasting: You can enjoy our scents for up to 1 month and keep your car smelling beautiful and fresh...
  • Cruelty free, vegan & vegetarian-friendly: Making products that have not been tested on animals is a massive priority to us! That’s why we always opt for vegan and cruelty free options when creating our products, it’s a no brainer.
  • The perfect gift for a loved one: As soon as you catch a whiff of our highly scented car diffusers you will desperately want to share the experience with your loved ones and treat their noses! The best gift for all those car lovers out there, who keep their car pristine. 
  • Simple design: Our range of car diffusers are the loveliest addition to your car, with a wooden lid and glass style it'll suit any car interior! 
  • Multifunctional: Attach to your rearview mirror via the string or clip to your air vent with one of our metal clips, read above for more detail on this! 

We love these car diffusers, they are perfect if you're looking for a luxurious way to fragrance your car at an affordable price!

Click here to shop our full scent range (more coming soon!).

Car Air Freshener



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