Are Soy Wax Melts Suitable for Dogs?

by Fosse Living Admin

Here at Fosse Living we have pets in abundance! Our fur family means so much to us which is why when creating and formulating our home fragrance products it was so important to us that they are all pet safe. No matter who the pet is, from dogs to parrots to cats to iguanas we want your extented part of the family to enjoy the fragrances just as much as us! 

 All our soy wax melts are made from natural ingredients, meaning there isn't any nasty toxins in there, creating a gentler burning experience. Our pet safe wax melts will help cover any stink bombs or unwanted pet odour in the home too! We love them, but they can be smelly sometimes, enter our selection of stunning scents...

Our subtler scents are always great for those who do not want something that is overpowering: 

Sandalwood Spa 

French Vanilla 

Tonka & Myrrh 

Wood Sage & Sea Salt 

We recommend using our wax melts in moderation when you do have a fur baby in the home with you and always keep out of reach as if ingested they can be harmful. If you have any worries or concerns please get in touch with your vets. 

 Shop our pet friendly wax melts by clicking here.

Meet the Fosse Living Fur Babies 

Walter & Milo the Schnauzers.

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