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What are Wax Melts and How Do You Use Them?

What are Wax Melts and How Do You Use Them?

A question I googled myself once, when I first embarked on my wax melts journey back in 2020. I'd been recommended them by a friend who swore they were stronger than candles, and more cost effective. If you've never used them before, you're in a for a treat! 

What Are Wax Melts? 

Wax melts (or candle melts, as some people call them!) are small scented pieces of wax that don't contain a wick. They work by adding them to a oil burner or wax warmer, which come in all shapes and sizes, and some work using a tealight and others are electric, it's completely down to preference. After the wax has melted, they fill the room with beautiful fragrances.

How Do You Use Wax Melts?

If you've never used wax melts before, it can seem a bit daunting! Rest assured, it's super easy and once you've done it a few times you'll be a pro. We've broken the process down into 4 simple steps:

  1. Simply take your wax melt (half, one or two depending on how strong you want it to be) and add it to the top of your tealight burner/electric wax warmer.
  2. Light your tealight or turn your electric melter on, and the wax will start to melt. Once fully melted, you should notice the beautiful aroma filling your room. Sit back, relax and enjoy!
  3. When you are done, turn off your burner or warmer and use the same wax until you stop getting fragrance! (One of our hearts tends to last 3 burns or more)
  4. Once the wax has stopped emitted fragrance, it's time to clean your burner out (as there is no wick, the wax doesn't burn away) for tips on how to do this, click here to read on our blog.
  5. Repeat as and when required! 😉

Which Wax Melts are the Best in the UK?

Choosing a brand of wax melts can feel quite daunting, especially with just how many brands are out there! Of course, we believe that ours are the best wax melts out there (we are a tad biased, but stay with me here 😉) as they are made using natural waxes (as most big brand melts use parrafin, which is a by-product of petrol... not really something we want burning in our house!) and without the use of plastic packaging.

fresh linen wax melts

Our wax melts also are highly concentrated with fragrance, so all in all... burn cleaner and last longer and you're also doing your bit for the environment too. It's a win-win-win right? 

Interested in giving our wax melts a try? Check out Fosse Living Wax Melts here, we have many different stunning scents to choose from, but also feel free to drop us a message at if you want our help reccomending a scent!


Maria Clarke

I received my wax melts three in all as I paid for 2 boxes and received one box free I’m absolutely delighted with them they smell lovely and they arrived rather quickly too I will be ordering more especially for Christmas gifts regards Maria

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