5 Simple Steps to Clean out Your Used Candle Jar...

by Alice U
Stop! It's doesn't have to be over, we can work through this. I promise you, it's not the end...you don't have to throw your glass jar out. 
Save the planet, go on. I dare you. Reduce, reuse, recycle! Repeat after me: REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. Your old glass jar, with the memory of wax, the memory your favourite sweet scent has life left in it still. Do not. PLEASE do not throw it away. I beg. 

We've got the best guide on how to clean out any left over wax to leave it sparkling for whatever your candle jar has in store next...

Remove any labels and pop them in the recycling. 
Using hot water from the tap or boiling water from the kettle, pour into the jar and leave to sit. (As our wax is a coconut/soy blend it is a lot softer, so hot water will do the trick). 
 Make yourself a cuppa (the kettle's already boiled!), have a chill out. You do you boo.
Once the wax has floated to the top or come away from the jar, remove it and discard (our wax is compostable).
Wipe down any excess wax and wash the glass jar using your standard washing up liquid and hot water (we wanna see sparkles!). I put my jar in the dishwasher a couple of times to make sure it was nice and clean! 


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