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Ways to Re-use Your Candle Jar #01: Puddings

Ways to Re-use Your Candle Jar #01: Puddings


So you've enjoyed the beautiful fragrance from your candle until the very end, what to do next? Wondering how to reuse your candle jar? Wonder no more, we're here to help for inspiration on how to use your jar sustainably. 

For all those candle hoarders (like myself) this is the perfect blog for you! This series will be dedicated to creative and unique ways in which you can get the most out of your glass candle jars

I don't know about you but I have two drawers FULL of old candles jars at home. I am just too stubborn, I can't bring myself to throw them away but they're so handy! Why would you want to?!

Save the date

How to Clean Out Your Candle Jar... 

First, we've got to prep! Make sure it's nice and clean (especially if food or drink are going in there). See our blog for a simple guide on how to do this by clicking here.

Now your candle jar is all nice and clean it's time to get creative.

We started by thinking of loads of different ways in which your candle jar could be used around the house. You've now got a perfectly, clean spare glass jar going! You can't possibly throw this away. There are so so so SO many ways in which you can re-purpose this glass jar, not only are you gaining something out of it but you are helping the environment massively. Here at Fosse we want to make your life easier but also help out the planet anyway we can. It's a win-win situation right?


We all love a dessert right? Well, lucky for me and Amy we got to spend our an afternoon making some delicious treats to inspire you. Our glass jars are the perfect size! Maybe you're hosting a dinner party? Or maybe you just fancy making some puddings on a Thursday evening. It really doesn't matter what the occasion is because there's always time for dessert... 

Whether it's Oreo cheesecake, Chocolate Brownie Eton Mess, Jam Roly-Poly or Reese's Pieces Cheesecake, you can choose from loads of recipes online that will fit wonderfully in your up-cycled candle jar...


Icon For the cheesecakes we started by crumbling up digestive biscuits (you can really use any biscuit that is to your taste). Then, we whipped cream cheese, double cream, icing sugar and crushed Oreo (or Reese's Pieces depending on which treat you're using) all together to create a delicious creamy filling. We layered this onto of the biscuit and added decorative Oreo's/Reese's Pieces on top. Once your happy with the final result, pop in the fridge to set for at least 4 hours. Perfect for a dinner party dessert!

Icon For our Eton Mess creation, we added a little chocolaty treat. We whipped double cream until it was a thick consistency, added meringue and crumbled up some chocolate brownie and mixed it all together, a classic with a twist! Of course, you can add strawberries instead if you prefer. This is great for those summer BBQ's!

Icon For our Jam Roly-Poly. We started with a layer of jam, then added some fairy cakes and kept layering until the deliciousness was created. We then added a some cream on the top and some fresh strawberries for decor. A golden oldie! Great to go with afternoon tea.

 These are, of course only recommendations and a brief description of what we used for your inspiration heart icon

Our team behind the scenes

 View our video of behind scenes video on our Instagram here
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Be sure to pick up another, brand new candle to enjoy and then you'll have another jar to use for loads of other things! Click here to shop.

 Keep your eyes peeled for more fun and creative ways to reuse your glass candle jar! 


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