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The Best Essential Oils for a Good Night Sleep

The Best Essential Oils for a Good Night Sleep

Whether it be dreading work, having a blocked nose or noisy neighbors...there are plenty of reasons why drifting off to sleep can sometimes be more of a chore than something you look forward to. So the question is, can aromatherapy be used to help induce sleep?

The answer is its different with everyone! However, using more natural products, (such as essential oils) is an amazing way of making the house smell heavenly or just to make sure you have a more relaxed scent to set the scene to get you to sleep. 

Which Are The Best Essential Oils for Sleep?

My personal favourite to help relax the body and mind before bed is lavender. It's a fresh smell but always reminds me of how my great grandmother would leave a cotton bag of freshly-cut lavender from of her garden underneath my pillow when I was a child.

Essential Oils to Help you Sleep

Whether you associate lavender with a fond memory like mine or not, there is some science behind essential oils and how they can help you sleep, some say it's relaxing aroma helps to reduce anxiety, improving your sleep quality.

This by example, is by linking aroma to a memory or physical experiences. The best oils to combine (which you can do by the way!) are peppermint, lavender and ylang ylang.

Calming Nighttime Ritual

I like to pop a few drops onto my pillow case and into a steam diffuser about an hour before bed so the scent isn't too strong, just so my body has time to relax and my mind can be as calm and clear as it can be.

Also if I have some spare time before bed or just want to treat myself I draw myself a relaxing bath with a few drops of my chosen oil (or blend of oils) and just let myself soak for as long as I need to feel calm and relaxed. Nothing better than a hot bath and a herbal tea before getting into bed.

Our favourite ways to use Essential Oil for sleep: 

Inhalation - 2 or 3 drops of oil into a steam diffuser or even just a bowl of hot water, can put a towel over your head over the bowl to inhale all the goodness and have a more intimate feel of the effects the oil can offer!

I mainly do this when feeling under the weather and want to clear my airways and feel more fresh.

Directly into skin - Once diluted with a carrier oil, you can rub directly into the skin so you can absorb the nutrients from the plant extract however only when diluted so about 4 parts water and 0.5 parts oil so one drop will be plenty!

Added to bathwater - I recommend 2 to 3 drops into a hot bath so then you get the same effects as the two points above, you can inhale all the goodness and your body can absorb all that goodness!

We believe adding Essential Oils into your nightly routine will help you drift off into a more peaceful, deeper sleep.

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