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How I Turned Hoovering into an Aromatherapy Experience...

How I Turned Hoovering into an Aromatherapy Experience...

A tale of discovery

It was a crisp morning, early March, the batteries were charged, the birds were singing. It was time.

The hoover was ready to go. Starting in the lounge we began when it hit me... the scent tab hadn't been replaced in the hoover since some time in the last decade! I'm not one for complaining but 'dust' wasn't the aroma I was going for.

What did I do... you ask?

You may be able to tell that I'm not the most organised, nevertheless, in times of mild inconvenience, thou shalt persevere. 3 thoughts came to mind as I approached the dresser looking for spare scent tabs...

  1. I can't remember ordering spares.
  2. Recycling is good.
  3. We have hundreds of bottles of essential oil in the house... We literally run a home fragrance brand.

Fairly certain I've got this under control, take a seat.

Removing the old scent tab was pretty easy, everything is a clip or the push of a button away these days. I placed it on the worktop, kitchen roll underneath (safety first) and reached for the collection.

At this time of year, something fresh would do the job for me, not too woody, citrus is more of a summer thing. Settling for juniper berry I started adding a few drops, after 3-4 drops i could see it starting to absorb into the tab... winning

All in all i put 7 drops in the scent tab, which was then returned carefully to the hoover (guys check your warranty first).

Back to the lounge. Wow what a difference, the lovely scent got to work straight away.

On reflection that was quite possibly the best hoovering experience I've ever had...against fierce competition. 😉

Carpe Diem guys x


Helen Warden

What a fantastic idea! I will be doing this from now on!! My vacuum smells of the dog 🐶

Thank you for the tip

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