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Self Care: Why is it so Important?

Self Care: Why is it so Important?


Self Care

In a world that is so busy and full of constant emails, messages and non stop screens, we need to take a break. Burning yourself out is never the answer, it' short, counterproductive. I find it difficult to string a sentence together and be creative if I haven't had a least 5 minutes to take time for myself, to switch off. I wanted to write something about this topic as it is so so SO important. 

Below is the down low on all things self-care, from the benefits to why it is so hard to do...

Heart icon What Is Self-Care?  

Self-Care is all about nurturing your own physical, mental and emotional health. It can vary from person to person, everyone is different when it comes to looking after themselves. There is no expectations, no routine and no commitment.

It's about simple things, like making sure to drink enough water in the day or diving into some more intense relaxation techniques, such as breathing exercises just get that a little bit on Zen in your life. It's realising that to maintain your physical health you also need to consider putting your mental health first.

Self-care isn't expensive, it doesn't have to break the bank (retail therapy I'm looking at you). There are so many simple ways to improve your mental health. It's all about finding what works for you and going at your own pace. 

Heart icon Why Is Self-Care So Important? 

I can not stress enough the importance and looking after yourself. I'm no doctor, but it seems pretty obvious that this is vital. It is what makes up a healthy lifestyle. By taking control of your health you're more likely to thrive in other areas of your life, such as relationships and work.

Self-care help reduce stress and anxiety, it gives you that all important breathing space. This will help clear your mind and in turn increasing productivity. Don't overload yourself, take a break! 

Don't forget to take care of yourself

   Heart icon Self Care Inspiration 

Having a chat with the girls in the office I asked what their self-care involves and what it means to them. Hopefully some of our habits will inspire you...

 ''My ultimate happy place is snowboarding! But even something as simple are washing my hair, doing an extensive skincare routine reminds me to slow down and take a moment for me. My version of self-care is doing something you love but also sitting there, letting go and taking in the moment. It's forgetting about my responsibilities!''

- Lois 

''Self-care to me, is making time to look after myself, both mentally and physically. As a mummy I don't get much time for self-care but I do try and eat healthy when I feel like it and I do try and make time at least once a week to chill out, watch a film and do my nails!''

- Alice S  

''The place where I get lost, forget about my stress and worries is being anywhere that involves nature. Going for a walk is my favourite form of self-care. I will always try and do at least one face mask a week to unwind and relax. Yoga has definitely been the biggest help when is comes to de-stressing. I do find self-care tricky but for me it's about recharging and just having a moment where thinking, worrying or being stressed isn't an option. It's giving your mind and body a breather''

- Alice U

a view of a road

 Heart icon 6 Ways to Relax 

There are so many ways in which self-care can present itself...

- Go for a walk - spending time with nature is grounding, refreshing and on your doorstep! Not only good mentally but physically too. 

- Spend time with animals - pets make everything better! They're so pure and provide you with unconditional love. 

- Listen to music - having a dance around the kitchen is a great way to let of some steam and have fun! 

- Breathing techniques - taking a moment to really focus on your breathing will help with anxiety and stress, it will allow you to really relax.

- Connect with others - talking with friends and family will allow you to release some of that worry and stress, talking and spending time with loved ones helps distract your mind.

- Drink water regularly - we all know staying hydrated to key to living a balanced and healthy lifestyle! 

 Heart icon Our products 

We have a range of products that will help you to relax, let go and encourage self-care. 

Grab a candle, your favourite wax melt or a fragrant essential oil and fill your room with a soothing atmosphere. Is there a better way to chill out? I think not!

lavenderFeel at ease with our serene lavender, softened by hints of bergamot, geranium, amber and white musk.

We're most likely all familiar with the benefits lavender can bring. It is known to reduce stress and anxiety as well as help improve sleep. The ultimate self care scent and it is available as a wax melt or an essential oil

wood Bring the spa to your home with notes of sandalwood, vanilla, grapefruit, sweet orange and jasmine.

Our sandalwood spa scent is perfect for those looking for a subtle and relaxing home fragrance. It is known to be good anxiety relief and is available as a candle, wax melts and a essential oil.

You can shop our full range of calming wax melts by clicking here, handpicked just for you! 

All our essentials oils are perfect for creating an oasis of calm and will fit into any self-care routine. They can be used in a humidifier, oil burner or even used to create your own natural skin and hair here to shop our beautiful range!  

You can also read our blog on the best essential oils for anxiety by clicking here... this will give you an indepth break down of what essential oil is best for you. 

Essential Oils

 Heart icon Why is Self-Care So Difficult? Self Care Isn't Selfish

 Louder for the people at the back 'Self-Care is NOT selfish' 

Most of us are under the impression that taking time to do what you want, when you want and by yourself is selfish. Ugh. I hate that word. It's used so negatively, when in fact why shouldn't we be selfish sometimes? 

It's hard to realise that you need to slow down, it's hard to just sit and think about yourself for 2 seconds. Especially when our minds are so focused on everything else around us work, pets, kids, work, our lives are busy! Finding the time to actually take yourself away sometimes can feel impossible and I get it, it's easier said than done.

I am here to remind you to take care of your body and your mind, sometimes that's all you need. Someone looking out for you, just giving you a little nudge to take that break. 

Relax, Refresh and Recharge

We shouldn't praise or glorify overworking. It's that simple. We shouldn't feel guilty for taking a day off or taking time to spend time with friends, family or even just time by yourself. Taking a breather from work and everyday life is so important. And, remember don't be so hard on yourself.

It's okay not be be okay. 💜


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