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5 Self-Care Tips To Make This Valentine's Day Special

5 Simple Ways to Spend Valentines Day


  Happy Love Day 

Whether you're spending time alone, or with your favourite person it's always nice to celebrate love. It apparently makes the world go round or something

Listen, Valentine's is not just about  "how single you are", don't be fooled, it can be so much more. I PROMISE. Love is laughing until you can't breathe with your friends, it's hugging a family member after not seeing them for months. Love most definitely is your pet choosing to come and sit by you on the sofa and resting their head on your leg, it's being completely yourself around your significant other. Love, quite simply is so much more than a day, but we should celebrate it and here's how you can...

A mixture of you doing you boo but also if you actually want to spend time with people that you love then there's an option for that too. We've got it covered! 

1. Self Care Routine

This is most likely what I'll be doing, whilst my other half watches the footy...

Run the bubbliest bath with the sweetest smelling bubble bath, I always go overboard and I am literally just sat in a bath of bubbles. Get a face mask on, that's right we're going all out and really amping up the relaxation. Grab yourself a gin & tonic or large glass of your favourite wine if that's more your style. 

Last but certainly not least, a key element in creating a self care sanctuary: Essential Oils!

Our Essential Oil recommendations for creating a "spa-like" atomsphere this Valentines Day: 


Wrap yourself in the sweetness of luscious lavender, create a de-stressing atomsphere... 

Juniper Berry 

Surround yourself in a fresh, ''gin-like" fragrance that will bring a cleansing and grounding feel to your bathroom...

Ylang Ylang 

Exotic, deep and floral, which will bring an awakening, earthy tone... 

Essential oils

You can shop our full rejuvenating range of essential oils here to spice up your self care routine...and they're on Buy 1 Get 1 Free (even better!)

You can also read more blogs about how to use essential oils for anxiety, hair & skin care, click here and here to have a look! 

2. Get yours pals round 

Galentines has become a real thing and it honestly fills me with a lot of joy. Celebrating my besties? Um, yes please! 

Get your favourite people round your house, there are so many things you could do! Play games, get drunk, sit and have a catch up, have a laugh! Have a good old fashioned rant, a low key therapy session! I'm lucky enough to work with the best, funniest, caring but sometimes so savage (thx for keeping it real guys) gals ever. ILYSM. 

The team reunited

3. Netflix and Chill (but actually chill)

Snuggle up on the sofa, grab your comfiest clothes and the softest blanket, create the cosiest setting possible. Burn your favouirte wax melts to add a haven of pure bliss. Relaxing, uplifting, refreshing, we got it all bases covered to get an atomsphere of your dreams going! 

Our wax melt recommendations for cosy night in this Valentines Day: 

Sandalwood Spa Wax Melts 

Bring the spa to your home with calming and soothing aromas of sandalwood, vanilla and tonka bean.

Pomegranante Noir Wax Melts 

Turn your home into a luxurious haven of pure bliss, with the deep and rich aroma of pomegranate, black amber, and cedarwood.

Velvet Rose & Oud Wax Melts 

A beautifully deep yet delicate scent with damask rose enveloped in smoky oud wood.

Tonka & Myrrh Wax Melts 

Awaken the home with warming notes of sweet tonka bean and relaxing myrrh.

Pomegranate Noir Highly Scented Soy Wax Melts

Shop ALL our luxury, calming wax melts by clicking here .Select scents also avaliable as a candle, shop our range by clicking here 

Now you've picked your wax melt scent and you're curled up on the sofa. It's time to settle in and put on your fave film on. Not to sure what to watch? I gotchu boo...

Do you wanna laugh or cry? Or both? For a good cry obviously The Notebook, P.S I Love You. For a laugh and a cry, Notting Hill or my all time favourite rom-com When Harry Met Sally (if you haven't watch it, just do it) and for just pure laughs, Bridesmaids, Crazy Stupid Love (such and underrated film in my opinion). 

Now, if that hasn't just made you want to throw on your comfies, get a film on and forget all about your worries, then damn, I don't know how to help you. 

4. Cook yourself a meal (or get a takeaway) 

Pamper yourself and cook something for yourself that you've always wanted to try! Cooking can be such a theraputic experience and it's always a great feeling when you've rustled something up, the sense of achievement is, *chef's kiss*. 

Whether, you want to go all out or do something simple there's so many options our there, dust of those cook books that have been sat at the back of your kitchen cupboard since Christmas 2016 or get on the googles and see what tickles your pickle. 

But, I hear ya, effort. Amiright? If that fails and it's not your vibe just order a takeaway. Treat yourself. 

5. Go for a walk and listen to your favourite tunes 

If you're wanting something a bit more active, then consider just going out for a little stroll around where you live! It's cold, yes but if get nature on the right day you can get some really beautiful sunsets and some frosty, foggy views which are just beautiful! Make sure to wrap up warm and to make your walk even better pop your head phones in and get Tina Turner going. 

A view of a forest

 ^this is my favourite walk that's just at the back of my house! Winter can be so pretty. 

Don't wanna go out in cold, frosty winter air? I don't blame you. Recreate it at home with our delicate fresh Winter Frost wax melts, with frosted honeysuckle and elegant elderflower, turn your home into the cosiest place! Click here to shop.

Winter Frost Highly Scented Soy Wax Melt Hearts

We should love ourselves every single day but Valentines Day is a huge reminder to do so. Don't make this Love Day about anyone else but you, spend time doing the things you love and if you've got another human who you wanna do that with great!

(But if you don't that's just as great. It really doesn't matter how you spend it, to you, it's probably just another day in the year and that's okay! And remember, single or not love starts with you.)

p.s also it's totally okay to buy yourself some flowers. In fact, it's encouraged.

We're offering a free vegan Valentine's chocolate with orders over £25, a little gift from us to you...

Happy Valentines Day x



Amy , I’m not giving you any advice on pampering your self in your bath of bubbles with wine and chocolates whilst Liam cooks up a meal and gives you a glorious fish pie . Oh you’ve just noticed the box of chocolates and bouquet of flowers too . As Liam cleans up you slip into something more comfortable and paint your nails. Then you both cuddle up to a romantic film.
PS . Check your love night script for grammar and spelling mistakes !!!! Who wrote this is to blame , no choccies for you !!!!!!
Yes , you’ve got to publish this.
Francesca , put that down it’s not a toy. Liam , what’s it doing down stairs !!!!!!😀😃🙂🙃😊😇😀😃 Ha Ha Ha 😂 😍 ❤ 🤣 😌 😏

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