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6 Simple Ways to go Green with your Spring Clean...

6 Simple Ways to go Green with your Spring Clean...

Spring clean

The leaves are turning green, lambs will soon be frolicking in a sea of flowers, blossom is starting to bloom, spring is almost here! I can practically smell the freshly cut grass...

Warmer mornings, fresher days and lighter evenings, I can not tell you how lovely it feels to be typing those words! We're so close. When March hits the excitement also hits and dreams of spring/summer become very much a reality. We've made it through Winter (massive sigh of relief).

Okay, so March arrives and I'm literally ready to get all my cleaning eqiupment out, there's something very ironic about dusting the cobwebs of my feather duster, but here we are. Deep cleans are what I'm here for this month and I am SO ready. All I want to do is clean the whole house top to bottom. If you don't get this urge then that's also totally fine, you do you boo. I actually feel like you're a lot more normal than myself.

We've been doing a bit of reserarch (my fave thing at Fosse) and got together some ways in which you can make your Spring clean as eco friendly as possible! 

Now if you're a regular here, you'll know I always tell you guys to just focus on 1 or 2 options because we can't do it all and small changes will make a big difference. I PROMISE! If you fancy giving them all a go, then don't let me stop you. Cleaning steps

1. Reusable cloths 

Ah, a classic and the easiet one! Shops are making this super easy, there are so many options out there. Avoid sponges, the are a no go as they just aren't sustainable and are riddled with plastic, you clean 1 thing and have to throw it away. A years worth of plastic kitchen sponges can last up to 52,000 years in landfill. Bad times. 

Reuseable cloths mean that you can keep on using them again and again. Pop them in the washing machine so they're nice and clean again, ready to be used! Word of warning don't put any bright and colourful cloths in with your white wash like our Amy Wag did, not a good look. 

You can be super eco and make your own cleaning cloths from old t-shirts, pants and socks! Not only great for the planet but your wallet win! 

There are lots of alternatives out there to make it easy to avoid using your generic kitchen sponge that's harsh on the planet...

  • Cellulose Sponges 

  • Bamboo Scubbers 

  • Swedish Dishcloths 

  • Coconut Scourers 

2. Subscription Cleaning Products 

There are lots of companies that offer amazing subscription services so that you can use non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products. From dishwasher tablets to bathroom cleaner they've got every area covered, making your Spring clean easier than ever! Once you run out you'll be sent more. These companies are revolutionizing the way we clean, it's pretty exciting (just me?). 

Even our beautiful wax melts and candles are available on subscription so that you can never run out of your favourite scents. Your home will always have that fresh feeling! What more could you want? Our plastic free wax melts are the perfect eco addition to any home. Let's be real, have you really cleaned if you haven't lit a candle or burned a wax melt after? Click here to shop our full range of wax melts and join the Fosse family! 

Fresh Linen Wax Melts

3. Create your own your non toxic sprays and solutions...

Go that step further and get creative at home with your own solutions for cleaning! Save money and the planet at the same time. 

For an anti-bac spray:

Mix 3 cups of water with 1/2 cup of white vinegar then add an 8 drops of essential oil to make it smell delightful! Essential oils are great to have around as they have so many natural benefits.

We recommend using tea tree or euclyptus for your homemade anti bac spray as they have antibatcerial properties and they smell wonderful too! 

Essential Oils

Pssst You can browse our full range of elevating essential oils by clicking here.

 4. When life gives you lemons...Use them to clean your home!

They are one of the best natural ways to clean your home (that is just my opinion tbh but seems legit). We've got a blog within a blog here and below are 6 of my favourite ways to use just a single lemon for your Spring clean...

1. Clean your microwave 
Fill a mircowave safe bowl with water and add lemon juice or rind, blast for 2 minutes and allow the steam to diffuse and clean the inside of your microwave. Then use a cloth to wipe the access grime off (you can also do this for your oven!) 

2. Remove stains from tupperware/containers

We all struggle with stained pasta sauce on our tupperware, looks like a dodgy fake tan job. Well, by rubbing lemon juice on the stains, this will help to freshen up those containers! 

3. Freshen up your Dishwasher

Give your dishwasher some TLC by cutting up some lemon wedges and popping them in the top section or filling up a dishwasher safe cup with lemon juice then turn on - freshen up your dishwasher the natural way! 

4. Clean your Floors

Create your own anti bacterial floor cleaner and really get your floors sparkling. Mix 1 part vinger, 2 parts water, 1 part lemon juice and you will have a natural, homemade cleaner.

5. Scrub your Wooden Chopping Boards

We all know our chopping boards could use a bit of a spruce up. We use them pretty much every day. Sprinkle some salt onto your wooden board and then use a lemon to scrub the salt around. Rinse off and it'll be a completely new chopping board! 


 5. Be Water Savvy 

This is a big one and also one that isn't really talked about enough, especially when it comes to cleaning. It's definetly something to always bear in mind when carrying out daily tasks at home. The avergae UK household uses 330 litres of water a day, that works out at 140 litres per head!

Being responsible with water is going to benefit the environment and your water bill massively. Below we've got some great tips so that you can do your best to limit your water consumption during your Spring clean.

  • Using your dishwasher effectively: They tend to use less water then handwashing. Don't pre- rinse your dishes, it's not nessecary these days! Get them straight in the dishwasher.
  • Don't run the tap when cleaning bathrooms and sinks: Use a bowl of water when cleaning. Reusing water is vital when cutting down on your water usage. 
  • Check for any leaky taps: As your Spring clean gets in full force have a check for any issues around the house too! 
  •  Leave the laundry until it's neccessary: Allow, accept the mountain of laundry that piles up. We don't need to be washing clothes when we don't have enough for a full load. Small loads out, big loads in. 


6. Recycle, donate, sell 

We all love a clear out, it honestly cleanses the soul. I always feel so much about better about life when I've gotten rid of a few things! Avoid just throwing things away and use popluar buy & sell apps such as Facebook marketplace, Vinted and eBay. Donate to your local charity shop or even get out there and do a good old fashioned car boot sale. Mays well try and make some extra cash!

Be brutal, ask yourself do I really wear this dress? Do I really need 2 yoga mats? (yes, yes I do). Attempt to live that minimalistic lifestyle, that's better for the environmnent. You got this. 

planetIf I have learnt anything from writing these environmental orientated blogs it's that not only are these tips helping the planet, which is what we all want but they are massively going to help keep your costs down. 

This blog has been extremely educational for me and I will also be attempting to weave these tips into my cleaning routine! We're in this together. Let us know how you do and share any of your eco tips with us on Instagram, use the hashtag #gogreenwithyourfossespringclean


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