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    2 products
    LED White Wooden Ultrasonic Diffuser/Humidifier Diffuser Fosse Living
    LED White Wooden Effect Ultrasonic Diffuser/Humidifier
    LED White Wooden Ultrasonic Diffuser/Humidifier Diffuser Fosse Living
    White LED Wooden Effect Ultrasonic Diffuser/Humidifier

    Create a sanctuary of pure calm and bliss with our range of electric diffusers. Bring the spa to your home and allow the mist to diffuse into the air, creating a soul cleansing and mood boosting atmosphere.


     Why Choose Our Electric Diffusers? 

    We have a beautiful range of diffusers handpicked by us with you in mind, a wonderful addition to any home, we have styles and sizes that are suited for anyone and everyone! Our wood effect electric diffusers are the perfect pairing with our elevating essential oils.

    Electric Diffuser FAQ's 


    What is an electric air diffuser? 

    Diffusers are a great addition to any home for decorative purposes but are mostly used to dispense essential oils into the air. This is done through vibrations of a plate that create very tiny particles that are emitted into the air. Our range has a plug that can be plugged into a wall socket. Also, you know when people have a USB socket on the wall in their homes, that blows my mind and I will forever think that person is fancy but anyway, my point is our diffusers come with a USB cable.


     How to use an electric diffuser? 

    The best place to start is by pouring around 100ml, doesn't have to be exact, of water into the diffuser, then add some drops of your favorite essential oil in with the water, you can blend multiple oils! (Avengers) Assemble the different parts of the diffuser together, plug into the socket, and after a few minutes mist will start to diffuse from the top and your room will be filled with a beautiful fragrance.

     What are electric diffusers for? 

    Simply, they are a way to emit essential oils into the air so that you can safely inhale and absorb the scent which can have all sorts of benefits for your body.  See below for more info on how they can benefit you…


     Are electric diffusers good for you? 

    They can be! They have lots of positive effects on your mind, body, and soul. (Honestly!). Relaxation, we all want, we all need it, but it can be rather difficult. Grab your lavender essential oil, pour a few drops along with some water into your electric diffusers, and away you go. Allow the soothing scents to infiltrate the air and before you know you’ve created the ultimate calming atmosphere. Along with that, it naturally purifies the air and if you have ever a bit of a cold pop some peppermint or spearmint into the diffuser and you may just feel a bit better! You can read more about the benefits of essentials by reading our blog, click here to have to little look.


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