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Spa Inspired Scented Candles

Our range of spa-inspired scented candles are created to help you relax and unwind after a long, hard day. Fill your home with calming aromas that make you feel like you're being pampered at your favourite spa.

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It’s super simple! Once the candle wick is lit (either using a match or a candle lighter) the aroma is released when the fragrance from the hot wax pool starts to evaporate off.

When you receive your candle from us, best to leave it for 24 hours (especially in winter) as you want the candle to be sitting at the ambient temperature of the room. Our candles, like any other brand, are less likely to burn to the edge if the glass and surrounding wax is cold from transit. The first burn is the most important! Make sure you burn for 2-4 hours at a time or at least until there is a full burn pool on the top of the candle. For best results, we recommend you trim the wick to around 1cm before re-lighting, the best way to trim your wick is by using one of our matte black wick trimmers.

Our scented candles can last for up to 40 hours of burn time if you ensure that you trim your wick after each use. Doing this can prevent a ‘mushroom wick’ – if you’re a regular candle user, you’ll know what we mean by this! If the wick mushrooms, it can make the candle burn quicker than intended and therefore won’t last as long.

Expanding on the point above, it is important on the first burn to keep the candle burning until it’s burned to the edges. This should never exceed 4 hours, and your candle will have instructions that you should read before use. Candle wax has a 'memory' and will only burn as far as it was allowed to in the first burn. Therefore, if you have only allowed a small melt pool to form, it is likely to follow the same pattern. This means you will have lots of unburnt wax around the side and the candle will not last long at all. This is called ‘tunnelling’ and it’s something that should be quite difficult to do with our candles, due to how we have formulated them – but it’s possible with improper use!

No, we only use natural vegetable waxes made from the oil of soybeans, rapeseed, and coconut. As a brand, we try to be as eco-conscious as possible. Using a by-product of crude oil certainly doesn’t sit well with us! Our natural wax formula means our candles tend to burn cleaner and last longer. Due to there are no nasty toxins from the wax in there whilst also being better for the environment.

We are of course a tad biased, but we believe our candles are among the best of the best – particularly for the competitive price that we offer. Our unique formula ensures that with each burn, the wax burns evenly to the edge. This means that you’re getting optimum scent throw each time you use our candle.

The scent you choose for your scented candle can make all the difference in the ambiance you are going for! For example, a fresh scent is perfect for when you’re cleaning the home and a spa-inspired fragrance is going to help you relax and unwind after a busy day. Also, many people report the flickering of the candle flame creates a warm ambiance in the home, much like a cozy fireplace does in the winter time.

Each of our candles is handmade in small batches using traditional artisan methods. We make each candle with love and care. As we are a small family business, we do not use large-scale commercial production methods. We believe this greatly improves the quality of our uk made candles.

It’s vital that you consider safety first and foremost when using your scented candle. Most importantly, you should never leave your candle burning without supervision. Always blow it out when leaving the house, even if you’re just nipping to the shop! You should always light candles in a draft-free area, ensuring there are no flammable objects nearby. It’s also very important that they are kept out of reach of children and pets.

It’s super important to us to keep our range exciting for our customers. Which is why we are always on the hunt for new scents to add to the collection. Do you have a candle scent idea for us? Great! Email or call us, we would love to hear your ideas.

We always opt for vegan/cruelty-free ingredients, because making vegan candles that have not been tested on animals is a massive priority to us. Everything that goes into our candles from the wax to the fragrance is completely vegan-friendly.

Absolutely! Our natural candles make the perfect gifts for Christmas, birthdays, special occasions such as anniversaries or weddings, hamper gifts, and more.