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How to Use Wax Melts

Floral Selection Wax Melts by fosse Living

Wax melts are a popular way to create pleasant aromas in the home. These small cubes or discs are designed to be heated up using often electric, to gently melt and diffuse fragrant essential oils throughout a room. Let’s discuss how wax effectively melts to enhance your home's scent.

Choosing Fragrances for Wax melts

First, decide what scents you want for your home. Wax melts come in various aromas, from fresh linen and pumpkin spice to rose and rhubarb. Christmas tree and fireplace scents are also available. Choose two or three scents that work well together to start creating your own mood. Stick to similar scents to avoid smell conflicts. Try adding different aromas while the wax heats.

scented wax melts

Placement of the Wax Melts

The aroma will spread depending on where you put your wax melts. The melts should be placed in the center of the room on a tabletop or shelf at waist height for best aroma coverage. The wax fragrance settles less in higher places. 

Consider traffic patterns and choose a location that will be often passed. In general, bathrooms, living rooms, and entryways work. Always place the melts on a heat-resistant, waterproof surface away from flames. Maximizing melt scent requires proper positioning.

Routine for Using Wax Melts

Consistency is key to aroma enjoyment. Check the wax level and replenish every 2-4 hours, depending on the melting wattage. Allowing it to pool or dry can scorch and destroy melting. Unplug the heater and let any wax set before cleaning. Wipe the melt bowl with paper towels. Refresh the smell with fresh melts whenever desired. This maintenance regimen keeps your wax melts running smoothly and creates scented atmospheres throughout.

Use of Multiple Melts Simultaneously

After collecting your favorite scents, you can try melting 2-3 at a time. Layered smells produce a more complex, changing perfume. A fresh linen smell with a softened amber-sandalwood combination may work. Make a gourmet dessert with luscious pear, apple wax, and bakery cinnamon. Try competing and complementing scents melting together to find your exact mix. Do not overflow the melt bowl and stir wax levels occasionally for even melting. Co-melting enhances aromatherapy.

scented wax cubes

Final Words

Well, they are a simple way to freshen a home's scent. Choose 2-3 related fragrances like floral or baked goods scents when starting. Place the wax melts in the center of the room for the best distribution. Check levels every 2-4 hours and clean the melts regularly. You can experiment with melting different scents together over time for complex aromas. 

Try mixing linen and wood scents or fruit and cinnamon blends. Make sure to stir for even melting. For large rooms, use multiple melts. On cooler days, the wax scents are stronger. Near plants is also a nice placement. Check for phthalate-free ingredients. With the right techniques, wax melts provide endless customized fragrance options for any home.




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