Meet the Team

We are a small group of pals who laugh with and at each other on the daily. Liam, Amy W, Lois and Amy M have known each other through those embarrasing teenage years. When the two Alice's started in February 2021 they slotted right and we are all there for each no matter what. Get to know us a little better below...



 "Hi! I'm Amy, co-founder and director of Fosse Living. 

When I'm not doing all things home fragrance and marketing I enjoy going for a swim and walking my two Schnauzers, Walter & Milo. My obsession with Buffy the Vampire Slayer could be seen as excessive but it's just too good and my trivia knowledge is off the charts. Home fragrance has always been a passion of mine so finding new and exciting products to launch is the best feeling. Being able to show my creative side at work is something I have always wanted in a role." 















 "Hi! I'm Liam, co-founder and director of Fosse Living. 

When I'm not reformulating products and overseeing the operations of the warehouse I'm always looking for my next DIY project. Working with the people who knew me when I was growing up means I'm constantly outted for having a ginger afro and it is always a fun topic of conversation in the office! Working at Fosse means I can unleash my inner mad scientist when creating new products and improving our current ones. I love creating new roles and jobs across the business."















Hi! I'm Lois, operations manager at Fosse Living. 

When I'm not running the day to day operations in the warehouse  snowboarding is my one true love (apart from my dog child Winston the Frenchie). Out of my many strange habits eating lettuce and onion sandwiches is probably my weirdest although I'm sure the guys in the office can list many that are way worse. Fosse allows me to unleash my creative side! I adore the people I work with and I go home smelling great - what more could you want?"  















"Hi! I'm Amy, operations assistant at Fosse Living.

When I'm not helping Lo in the warehouse, packing wax melts, pouring candles and packing orders I love taking my two boys, Ollie and Henry out to explore and capturing those special moments! I love being able to work with my friends, it sometimes doesn't feel like work at all. Coming in and being able to have a laugh brightens my day!" 















"Hi! I'm Alice, operations assistant at Fosse Living. 

When I'm not helping pour and pack wax melts, or carrying out other tasks to keep the operations of the warehouse ticking over I love baking all sorts of delicious treats for my family, espeically for my little ones, Oliver & Millie. From lemon drizzle to chocolate brownies baking brings me a lot of joy!  Also, my beautiful cat Willow provides me with a constant source of entertainment, getting up to all sorts of things. I love working for a small business, I love our products because they smell absolutely amazing and are cruelty free!"















"Hi! I'm Alice, marketing assistant at Fosse Living. 

When I'm not writing blogs, emails and website content you'll find me out hiking moutains or walking the countryside with my boyfriend, Will. Anything outdoorsy and I'm in, especially camping or going down to the beach. Having spent 2018/2019 travelling from India to Living in New Zealand and the Isle of Skye, adventure is a bit of me. Fosse has given me so much and I love how environmentally aware we are as well as being cruelty free! I enjoy writing and creating new content for our lovely customers."















We hope you enjoyed getting to know us! If you have any questions or would like to get in touch, click here to send us a message 🥰