Christmas Reindeer Oval 3D Electric Oil Burner/Wax Melter

Christmas Reindeer Oval 3D Electric Oil Burner/Wax Melter

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Wonderfully festive design features 3D Christmas pattern that diffuses light beautifully. This electric oil burner is compatible with both scented fragrance oils and wax melts. Limited stock available.

Key Benefits:

  • No need for tealights, just switch on and away you go.
  • Perfect for creating a calming oasis in your home.
  • Stylish yet simple design.
  • Can be used to burn our essential oils and wax melts.
  • Touch on/off function.
  • Perfect for burning your festive wax melts during the Christmas season.

To use, place on a level and heat resistant surface before placing oil or wax melts in ceramic dish and plugging in burner. Unplug when not in use and let cool completely before moving or cleaning removable dish with warm, soapy water.

Important Information:

Remove all packaging before use. Read all instructions before using this product. Do not put fingers into the unit. Do not immerse in water. To reduce risk of injury, close supervision is necessary when used near children. Keep foreign objects out of the wax pool. Do not touch or move when hot.

Replacement Bulb: 40 Watt GU9 Capsule Bulb

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