Natural Car Air Freshener/Diffuser

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    1 product
    Luxury Car Diffuser/Air Freshener Car Diffuser Fosse Living
    Luxury Car Diffuser/Air Freshener Car Diffuser Fosse Living
    Luxury Scented Car Diffuser/Air Freshener
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    Shop our beautiful collection of eco friendly car air fresheners/diffusers. Highly scented and long lasting, up to 1 month! Enjoy your favourite Fosse scents on the go and make that commute just a little bit more bearable!

     Why Choose Our Car Diffusers? 

    Our eco friendly car air fresheners are created by us, with a natural vegan formula. A stunning glass and wooden design these luxury car air fresheners, are designed with you in mind, to suit all car interiors. They are the best addition to your vehicle to create a stunning, long lasting strong scent that isn't too overpowering. 

    Car vent air fresheners can be purchased with a vent clip to be clipped onto your air vents for long-lasting fragrance. 


     What are car diffusers/fresheners? 

    Simply, they allow your car to smell beautiful for a prolonged period of time! They tend to be small, glass jars filled with a fabulous scent that once tipped up will slowly diffuse through the top and emit into the air, leaving a constantly fresh, clean feeling in your car. 

     How to use our car air fresheners/diffusers? 

    Unscrew the wooden top and carefully take off the stopper, then screw the top back on, shake slightly and gently to allow some of the scent to diffuser through the top and the string. You can hang the car air freshener on your rearview mirror or attach it to your air vents, this will circulate the scent more effectively, especially if you have your vents on. 

     How long do car air fresheners/diffusers last? 

    Our natural car air fresheners have been specially designed by us to be long lasting, You will be able to enjoy our scents in your car for up to 2 months. If you feel like you can not smell the fragrance make sure it is diffusing out the top. The top and the string should look slightly wet - this is the scent diffusing out. From time to time give the luxury car diffuser a gentle shake. 


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